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Do's & Dont's

  DO's :

* Do obeisance to your Ishta or Kula Daivam before you start for Tirumala.
* Do book your travel & accommodation at Tirumala in advance.
* Do bathe in the Pushkarani and worship Varahaswamy in his Temple
...you go to worship Lord Venkateswara.
* Do bathe & wear clean clothes before you enter the shrine.
* Do concentrate on Lord Venkateswara inside the Temple.
* Do observe absolute silence and recite Om Sri Venkatesayanamaha
...to yourself, inside the temple.
* Do bathe in the Papavinasanam & Akasa Ganga Theerthams near Tirumala.
* Do respect ancient customs and usage's while at Tirumala.
* Do respect & promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.
* Do deposit your offerings in the Hundi only.
* Do contact any of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Enquiry officer
...for information regarding the temple and your worship there.

  DONT's :

* Don't carry much jewelry or cash with you.
* Don't eat non-veg food.
* Don't consume liquor or other intoxicants.
* Don't smoke when you are in the sacred hills
* Don't approach strangers for accommodation.
* Don't wear foot wear in and around the premises of the temple.
* Don't approach touts and dalalis for quick darshan.
* Don't prostrate(Satsanga Danda Pranamam) inside the temple.
* Don't buy spurious parsadams from sweet vendors.
* Don't come to Tirumala for any purpose other than worshipping.
* Don't rush in for Darshan but take your chance in the queue.
* Don't spit or commit nuisance in the premises of the temple.
* Don't enter the temple.If, according to custom or usage, you are prohibited to

* Don't wear flowers at Tirumala, all flowers are for the Lord only.
* Don't encourage beggary.