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Facilities to Pilgrims walking up the Hills.

Many pilgrims walk up the hills as a part of their vow to the Lord.The T.T.D. have provided the following facilities to them.

  • Transportation of luggage free of charge to Tirumala.The pilgrims can deposit their luggage at any of the choultries in Tirupati, or at the toll gate at Alipiri, against a token and take delivery of the luggage at the central reception office counter at Tirumala.

  • Provision for cooking at Galigopuram, Chittiyekkudu, Mamanduru Mitta, Narasimhaswami temple, Mokallamitta and other places.

  • Availability of drinking water all along the foot-path.

  • Facility of canteen run under hygienic conditions by the voluntary organisation "ISKCON" at Mamanduru Mitta (Seventh mile).

  • Availability of toilets.

  • Provision of sunshade at important points for taking rest.

  • Arrangements for patrol by Security guards, Gurkhas and Police all along the road through out day and night to prevent unwary pilgrims from being cheated or robbed by unscrupulous elements.

  • Relay of religious programmes through local broadcasting system.

Facilities to Pilgrims in the Queue Halls.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams have made several innovations in the Daily Seva Timings in the Tirumala Temple to reduce the waiting time of the pilgrims in the queue halls. At the same time the following facilities are available to the pilgrims so that their waiting in the queue halls is not tedious.

  • Hygienic, airy, large queue halls provided with overhead fans.

  • Catering inside the halls by Coffee Board.

  • Sale of food packets at reasonable prices.

  • Sale of pure milk by the Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Corporation.

  • Medical first aid.

  • The Telecom Department has permitted license for operating STD/ISTD calls round the clock for the convenience of the pilgrim devotees/VIPs in different places at Tirumala which will be more convenient to contact their family members (with subsidized cost in between 7 p.m and 10 p.m and beyond 10 p.m ).

  • The T.T.D. has provided 4 big marriage halls with modern cooking facilities like gas oven etc, called Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam, Tiruchanoor Road,Tirupati with moderate service charges.The allotment would be 3 p.m to 3 p.m.This type of Kalyanamandapams is more costlier in cities like Madras, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Bangalore.

  • Further, three more Kalyana Mandapams are under construction, opposite to Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam called Padmavathi Kalyana Mandapam with the same facilities that are provided in Srinivasa Kalyana Mandapam.

  • Sale of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams pictures and other publications.

  • Toilet facilities even in the queue halls.

  • Closed Circuit T.V. programmes.

  • Relay of devotional programmes, music etc.

  • Cloakroom facilities near Vaikuntam Queue complex so that pilgrims need not have to carry the luggage with them all along the queue.

  • Facilities to deposit chappals at the entrance to the queue halls.

  • An officer posted at the entrance to the temple (Mahadvaram) to prevent malpractice by dalalis, touts etc and to receive and to attend to complaints.

  • An officer to look after the comforts and facilities of the pilgrims in the Vaikuntam Queue Complex.

Other Facilities

Canteen Complex

  • Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Canteen Complex with most modern amenities provides wholesome food at moderate prices.

Free Meals

  • The wholesome free food (full meals) in the T.T.D Canteen Complex will be provided to the devotees from 10 a.m to 11 p.m continuously on production of free meals coupons distributed inside the Temple after worshipping the Lord.

Free Medical Aid

  • Pilgrims are given free medical aid at Aswini Hospital near Seshadri Nagar.

Post & Telegraphs

  • There is a Post & Telegraphs office near the Central Reception Office with all the facilities including Telegraph.

Free Bus

  • Facilities are available for pilgrims at Tirumala.Four buses are operated on prescribed routes for the benefit of pilgrims covering cottages, choultries, temples & other places.

Sale of Gold & Silver Dollars

  • Gold & Silver Dollars with the images of Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavati are available for sale at the counter inside the Temple near Vimana Venkateswara Swamy and T.T.D Administration Buildings,Tirupati.


  • There is a Kalyanakatta for fulfilling the vow of tonsure to the Lord.Tonsure facilities are also available at cottages.Please do not pay any amount to barbers. The tariff at Kalyanakatta Rs 2.00 ;at Cottages Rs 10.00.

Sale of Publications

  • All religious books published by the Devasthanams are available in the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams publication stalls at Central Reception Office, Thousand Pillared Mandapam and also in the queue sheds.They are also sold at Astana Mandapam.

Railway Booking Office

  • This booking office located at the Central Reception Office, will issue tickets  including reservation tickets for bus-cum-train journey.

Automobile Clinic

  • A mobile van with mechanics and spares is available to attend to the repairs of the vehicles stranded on the Ghat roads.The Toll Gates either at Tirupati or at Tirumala may be contacted.

Artificial Limbs/Aids Supply Scheme

  • T.T.Devasthanams has envisaged a scheme for supply of artificial limbs to the physically handicapped people.Under this scheme, devotees can donate liberally for purchase and fitting of artificial limbs and other aids at the Artificial Limb Centre attached to the T.T.D Central Hospital,Tirupati.

Purohit Sangham

  • In order to enable pilgrims to conduct vedic rituals at Tirumala,the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams have organised a Purohit Sangham comprising Purohits with the necessary learning and experience to perform these rituals.Charges have also been fixed to avoid any harassment of pilgrims.
  • Devotees desirous of performing sankalpam, namakarana, chaulam, upanayanam, marriage, pinda pradanam and other vedic rituals may approach the Purohit Sangham with the assistance of any of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Enquiry Offices.