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Arjitha Seva Details

Guidelines to Grihasthas :

The Grihasthas who perform Seva/Utsavam shall have to wear dhoti and upper cloth (uttariyam).They should enter Vaikuntam Queue Complex well in advance and there is no direct entry from mahadwaram.The Anna-Prasadams, Dadhyodhanam, Pulihora etc, will be given to the extent of the requirement of the Grihasthas.The rest of the Anna-Prasadams due to them, with their consent, will be freely distributed to the pilgrims.The Grihasthas who desire to perform any Seva/Utsavam are advised to draw the D.D for prescribed amount in favour of Executive Officer, T.T.D. and send it to the Peishkar, Sri T.T.Tirumala for early confirmation of the Seva-Utsavam at least 60 days in advance.The Grihasthas can also pay the amount at the Vijaya Bank, Tirumala Branch, one day in advance.In such a case the date of Seva/Utsavam noted on the Challan will be the date of performance, subject to availability of Seva Tickets.

The procedure for receiving Prasadams :

In case the payment is made at the Vjaya Bank, there will be an indication in regard to Prasadams in the Bank Challan itself.One copy of that Challan should be presented either at Anna-prasadam free counter or at the Vagapadi(panyarams sales counter of the temple)for receipt of the Prasadams.In case the payment is made by D.D.The Grihastha shall have to surrender the communication(Takeedu) at Vagapadi for receipt of Panyarams and at Anna-prasadam free distribution counter for receipt of Anna-Prasadams.

For the Information of the Grihasthas :

There will be no kalyanotsavams, Vahana Sevas, Unjal Sevas (inside the temple) on the following festivals occasions every year:

  1. Anivara Asthanam day – July (In the month of Ashadha) – one Day.
  2. Pushpayagam – October/November – One Day.
  3. Vasanthosthavam (Annual) – Three Days.
  4. Brahmotsavams (Annual) – September/October (On all 10 days – In the month of Karthika).

  5. December 31 to 2nd January due to new years day Darshan (subject to alteration by the Executive Officer).

  6. Pavithrotsavam–August–Three days.

  7. Ugadi Asthanam.

  8. Makara Shankranthi.